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Vanga Have you ever heard about Vanga? She is a Bulgarian phenomenon, a person, who truly had the ability to see in the future, heal people, contact with the dead and so on. She was an astounding person – she lost her eyesight when she was a small child and that was the moment she acquired her abilities.

There are numerous book written about Vanga, many movies made about her and so on, but I read one recently that caught my attention a lot and I believe you will also appreciate it; There are answers to some of the mysteries, that Vanga accomplished every day. For example there’s a theory that Vanga could access the “world informational database” (called Akasha), and it was easy for her to withdraw all needed information. She used sugar as a transmitter, because of its crystal grid that could store information like a cell. That is the reason she asked from everyone who visited her, to bring a lump of sugar, which has stayed under the pillow of the person last night.

You can find the book in almost every bookstore in Bulgaria – it is published by Svetlyo Kantardzhiev’s publishing house “New Media Group” and I believe it will very soon be translated, because more and more foreigners learn about Vanga and want to know more about her.

But still, if you can’t find anything in English about her, there are some videos about her on YouTube you can check out, to have an idea of how she looked like. There are many, many unbelievable stories about her in the book. I believe she is the only such clairvoyant, who had the internal wisdom and was careful what knowledge she gives, who she gives it to and what he could use it for. Also, there is almost nobody in Bulgaria that is skeptical about her skills. Most of Bulgarians have at least one relative, who at one point or another had to visit Vanga, and she truly helped him. Because she does not just speak, but actually helps people, very few scientifically thinking minds can still fight the position that abilities like hers do not and never existed.

I recommend you this book, since I liked it a lot, and I hope that there are more people like Vanga around us. We don’t need that much geniuses today, as much as we need people that can truly cure and love.